Kids go to school
Come back from school
I look at them
But I do not remember
That I was like them


The teacher’s kisses on my cheek,
My mother’s candy
And my older brother’s punishment
Those things mean
That I went to school
But they do not mean that I was a kid


While being on the stage
The phrase of the coachman
Whose only son had passed away
Has hurt me:
If my chest got burst
And the dreariness came from it,
Perhaps it would plunge this land”
This has hurt me
But has not hurt a place
Of my childhood


When I was “Aesop”
I looked for “Kleia”
The wife of my master “Aksantos”
I was not looking for freedom
But for “Kleia”
The beautiful baby girl “Kleia”
Who thought I am ugly
And threw me out of the house


Poem Aref Hamza (Like a needy hands, 2007. Written in 2003). 
Translation from Arabic Shurouk Hammoud, 2017. 

Shake hearts column publishes poetry in three languages. 
Drawing Raed Zeno, 2013.