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Finland the astonished
Like a lover’s intoxication after the first kiss
The furious like a night that tries not to end
The affectionate like a sky that rains at a later date
The placid like the remnants of a forgotten flower in a book
Finland the white
Like clouds those pray on the waiting cross
Because I love you
The wings stretched on my shoulders
So I could almost fly
Because I love you
I cut my heart in half
One half for the country that gave birth to me
And the other for the snow lady…for you
Because I saw God in you
My prayers became more beautiful
My voice began coming out
Warm like a wine on the soul’s lips
And because I became a friend of your night
O forest’s daughter!
My face got a new dawn…
Dear Finland
The one whose heart can see you
Becomes a poet
Or a prophet


Music Mia Skön, 2018. Poem Shurouk Hammoud, 2017.


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