I am a yellow leaf
The wind forgot me
In a hurricane’s pocket
Sadness is my father in law
Since I married the poem
Feed my kids the clouds
And died in a suitcase
Isolation is my glasses’ color
I am a noisy silence
Looking for a kiss
To break the glassy waiting
In my poem’s eyes
I am the one who accumulated his screams
On a white paper
To turn this black world deaf
Who can
But me
Seduce a sexy lady
Called heavens
So tell me
Just once
How poetry ‘messenger could be a demon
While death’s messenger called an angel..
The psycho
Who talks to himself before the mirror
Blaming her for deforming his face..
The psycho
Who wears humanity perfume
Is not a real psycho
He is a poet
He is me
But unfortunately
No one looks in the UN protocols for
The poet’s properties in wisdom lands?
No one tells Plato
Cities without poets
Are nothing but hell
Who can erase the blackboard’s night
With a word
But the poet
Tell me who?
O hope


Music Mia Skön, 2017. Poem Shurouk Hammoud (The Night Papers, 2016).
Drawing Raed Zeno, 2013.



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