You will not need a great effort to realize
How vile this world is
But you need a short memory
And some myths
Which are filtered in a honey jar
To say: the world is still okay
I speak realistically with a woman
Then she asks me: why are you sad?
I pet her
She smiles and says: it seems you are a witty liar
The woman who does not remember her boyfriends’ names
Is a happy woman
But I remember the balcony’s roses color
The favorite song
The kiss time
I remember those all
I remember also leftist trifles
Those collared my neck
Like a paralyzed cat
I do not bear grudges
But the pictures in my head
Are high-definition
I will leave now
The world seems less filth under rain
I will stumble on the pavement
Then fall down
Waiting a hand to prove to me
That I was wrong


A Satan licks me and asks: why are you sad?
I am not
But angry somewhat
For not being good at lying and oblivion


Poem Rami Zakaria, 2016. Translation from Arabic Shurouk Hammoud, 2017.

Shake hearts column publishes poetry in three languages.
Photo by Hanna Hirvonen.