Go to the river
But do not drink
Do whatever you want with
A song you keep in mind
Do what you want
With your remaining tobacco
Sit with whichever you want
Of deer
Tell the pomegranate trees
About your strangest story minutes
Choose your longest kiss position and color…
Which secrets you will whisper
When you undress another orchid flower?
And with which goblets you will get drunk?


Take your share of the shade
But go


The ring may mean what
The look before “good morning”
Does not
It may mean a green sun
After a winter under skin
How much of a green shade you need
To defeat this creepy snow
“From the darkness of the future night”
Toward the heart
It may mean other things
You are running from your unknown
Toward the other unknown
Choose your path
Your unknown…..
Who knows from which sky
Your purest cloud will rain?
Who sees the color of the dividing line
Between the dream’s sky
And the illusion’s sea?
And how time becomes soft on a
Woman’s hair in the solid time?


You still walk using the hurricane’s eye happily
The heaven looks more beautiful
Behind fences
It might look barren islands
Who knows?
You might miss the stock when you are not
You might find comfort in doing the difficult thing!
You are chosen
– Like your horses –
That is another crossroad
Where are you going?
East or west?
Is one lily which smiles to me
In the other side
Enough to make me cross?
You are chosen ….but
Take your horses to the river
They may get thirsty on the way


Poem Rami Zakaria, 2015-2016. Translation from Arabic Shurouk Hammoud, 2017.

Shake Heart column publishes poetry in three languages.